Downtown Monroe is a beautiful place to visit no matter what the season. The parks offer a space to read a book or enjoy nature with friends. Stroll down the lovely Riverwalk to capture a great view of the river.


Monroe's beautiful Riverwalk is located in the heart of downtown across the street from the Ouachita Parish Court House and overlooks the historic Ouachita River. The Riverwalk is known to many residents as a peaceful and serene spot for an afternoon stroll or a romantic evening. It also serves as host for a variety of riverfront events. The Riverwalk is the premier outdoor spot for you, your friends, and your family.

Anna Gray Noe Park

The beautiful park is named after Anna Gray Noe, the first lady of Louisiana and wife of former Governor James A. Noe. It is dedicated to Mrs. Noe because of her civic activities, participation in the garden club and work on local beautification projects. The park is a great representation of her love of natural beauty and offers visitors shady trees, comfortable benches and beautiful flowerbeds. It is a great place to eat your lunch or to relax after work. No matter your reason for going, the park is a great reminder that you don’t have to leave downtown to get a taste of nature.

Henry Bry Park

Henry Bry Park is a beautiful, welcoming area where many locals and visitors enjoy a piece of their downtown time. Before the turn of the 19th century, the Henry Bry Park stood as an important part of a thriving city. The Breard Brothers once owned a flourishing store on the lot where the park now sits. The store was called the General Merchandise and Cotton Buyer Building. The building was eventually torn down and has now become a nice spot to sit and visit with friends.

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